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SLT-Self Search 


is Self question for self check, personal action and response in various management activities and situation in order for self fact finding and personal development.


Please answer you Self question of this month >>>>

On my days (SLT 03)


Individual result for further self learning and development will be directly sent via email.

My morning (SLT, 02)











 The result  of  total 100%, are from 50% of Top executive and 50% of Middle managment 


  1. How many hours I have between my wake up and office arrival?     Less than 1 hours 66.67%

  2. Arriving office, first thing I usually do ...           Get to my desk66.67%

  3. When I first arrive my desk in the morning, I usually do ...    Email33.33%Discuss with team33.33%

  4. I know some activities must be completed today by ....     In my organizer/agenda50%

  5. Each morning, my team & I always...     Say hello!83.33%

  6. My team always arrive office...    Just on time66.67%

  7. If my team often arrives too late, I will....    Call & make sure they are not in accident40%

  8. Without appointment, I would spend my first half day for ...     My own job 66.67%

  9. I could make my most progress job with my team by the time...     Morning 50%

  10. My most valuable time is ....    Morning 33.33%



An OUTPUT are from your TEAM and your TASK!




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