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OCCC Professional Services

Operation Competency Consulting & Coaching

Welcome to OCCC – Operation Competency Consulting and Coaching

With over 15 years of experience providing professional services in organization structure and behavior to multinational corporations, local manufacturers, and international firms, OCCC is a trusted strategic partner. We consistently provide high-quality intellectual and physical services that enhance the core operations and business performance of our clients.

Our team of professional consultants and coaches is proficient in both methodology and practical applications and has experience in working collaboratively to develop organizational solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. 


With a deep understanding of the complete value chain, our strategic partners can trust us to deliver results that meet their business objectives.

At OCCC, our Operation Competency Consulting and Coaching services facilitate efficient and controllable operational performance for our clients' organizations. We achieve this through customized organization structure design and employee satisfaction, ensuring that our clients achieve their business objectives.

Our philosophy for organizational and business development is derived from two key areas: organization structure and organizational behavior. 


Our experienced consultants and coaches have studied, researched, benchmarked, and worked tirelessly to deliver successful projects that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Learning & Development
OCCC provides effective customized learning programs and trainers for the companies need. 
The Training modules cover the organizations requirments from top to bottom and from professional core skills to soft skills.
OCCC has gained this expertise through training methodology and professional management exprience. We understand employees and their behavior in all work functions.  

The coaching process at OCCC is fully customized to the unique profile and talents of each client. 

Our coaches are highly professional and competent in their approach, working with clients to develop their own solutions and self-commitment.

In management coaching, we emphasize the importance of the client's realization and solutions. Our coaching element aims to help clients become more self-aware and develop integrity, leading to more options for finding the best solutions.


Through the OCCC coaching element, our clients achieve self-satisfaction and a deep understanding of their selected solutions and execution.

Psychometric and skill Assessment Program

...helps the employees have a better understanding of themselves as well as enables managers and leaders well understand their talent for further performance and skills development to leverage their competency to well serve the organization's development.

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Project Management Outsourcing 

From our team's expertise, we provide highly qualified intellectual and competent operation services for projects and our clients' expectations. 

The great advantage of OCCC Outsourcing service, our clients can obtain:

+ Specialists and Experts for specific tasks and projects.

+ Manageable team work.

+ Controllable work processes and output.

+ Respectful timelines.

+ Optimum return on investment

+ Project monitoring and cross control

+ Budgeting efficiency

+ Risk minimization 

Professionally, we have been providing successful management services for the following industries;

Manufacturing (Food, Snack, Beverage, Plastics, Textile, Metal, Automotive, etc), Financial Institute, Education Institute, Hospitality, International Trading firm, Sales Distribution, Services agencies, Automotive services, Franchise and more...


Our Management outsourcing areas cover: 

Organization setup, Organization structure and planning, Workflow processes, HR Rules and Regulations, Corporate legal documentation, HR capital projects, HR Learning and Development programs, HR projects, Team and Performance project development, BOI issues, Government affairs, IT projects, ISO project management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Thus, the client's management team shall gain great benefit from OCCC project management outsourcing with RESULTS and a Controllable TIMELINE as expectations.

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+66-61-919 2699

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